We move your boundaries

Is success in a foreign country your dream?

Is success in a foreign country your dream? Do you strongly believe in your product or service and want to introduce it abroad? More and more Dutch entrepreneurs are achieving their dreams beyond the Netherlands’ dikes. Export is indispensable for the Dutch economy. Dutch companies can be found all over the world, we facilitate growth and create jobs. If you want to be part of this, but are not capable of achieving it on your own? This is your chance!

Each year, the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds helps 10 SMEs achieve their international ambitions. Thanks to our international network, knowledge and experience, we can help your company successfully enter new foreign markets.

International trade facilitation

The Oranje Handelsmissiefonds is an initiative by evofenedex, EY, UPS, Regina Coeli and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Since King Willem-Alexander took to the throne on 30 April 2013, his interest in expanding and lending royal support to trade missions has marked a turning point. His interest is a boost to international trade for the Netherlands. Now is the ultimate time for SME’s to combine their initiatives with the knowledge and experience of established companies and go global.

Where does our strength lie?

The Oranje Handelsmissiefonds endeavours to ease the entrance of entrepreneurs into new markets, helping them to become successful by actively opening doors that would otherwise remain closed. We offer practical support, share our knowledge about the local market and our extensive network. Would you like to participate in an international stock market? We can help you make that happen! Would you like to give an elevator pitch in front of multiple potential clients? We will find the right platform for you! On top of all this, we give you the chance to join us on Dutch trade missions.

Will you move your boundaries?

Can you, as a founder/director of a Dutch SME, convince us of the power of your idea? Then we will help you become successful in a country by your choice. We select ten companies that we support and provide with advice for an entire year. Do you have a good idea? Don’t hesitate, apply! No later than June 19.